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Primary Care/Family & Internal Medicine

Primary care physicians (PCP)—whether board certified in family medicine or internal medicine—are the healthcare providers who know you and your health needs the best. They form the foundation of your healthcare team.

Primary care physicians are committed to helping you achieve and maintain good health through every stage of life by offering comprehensive services, including annual visits and screenings with a focus on disease prevention and health promotion. PCPs also coordinate care with other specialists as needed, to make certain you get the best treatment for chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart or lung disease, or depression, for example. PCPs on the staff of South County Hospital, with offices in Washington and Kent counties, are dedicated to providing the best possible care.

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal medicine physicians (also called Internists) are primary care physicians who provide long-term, comprehensive care for adults. They are trained to help you manage common and complex illnesses including the diagnosis and treatment of infections, and diseases affecting the heart, blood, kidneys, joints, and digestive, respiratory and vascular systems.

While internists treat disease, they also specialize in disease prevention and general wellness. Because internists have extensive knowledge and skill in diagnosis and treatment, these physicians monitor overall health and make certain their patients receive the proper screenings for disease prevention.

South County Primary Care—Internal Medicine

Internists are part of the South County Medical Group (SCMG) and offer patients seamless continuity if a specialist or hospitalization is required. All members of the SCMG have the ability to share electronic health records, so they can quickly and easily access the information they need to give you the best possible care.
Internists within the SCMG include:

What is Family Medicine?

The specialty of Family Medicine is centered on long-term relationships with patients and their families. These doctors integrate clinical and behavioral sciences to provide continuing and comprehensive healthcare.
Family Medicine physicians offer you and your family (ages newborn and up) quality primary care services. Their model of a patient-centered practice is committed to helping you achieve and maintain good health from infancy through old age.

South County Primary Care—Family Medicine

Offering comprehensive primary care services, including annual visits and screenings with a focus on disease prevention and health promotion, the office of our Family Medicine physicians provides the convenience of a full medical lab and diagnostic imaging services on site so you and your family can take care of all your basic healthcare needs in one place.

Focused on You

South County Family Medicine is a PCMH Practice, which stands for Patient Centered Medical Home. In a PCMH, the focus of the medical practice is on the entire patient and specifically on disease prevention rather than disease treatment. Despite its name, PCMHs are not “homes” but medical practices that have met specific criteria set by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

How does a PCMH differ from a traditional primary care practice? PCMHs coordinate all aspects of care for their patients, emphasizing the use of preventive care and regular screenings and supporting people with diabetes, depression, and other chronic diseases in new and innovative ways.


We have family medicine practices in the EG/NK Medical & Wellness Center on Route 2 in East Greenwich and in the Medical Office Building on the South County Hospital campus, 70 Kenyon Ave., Suite 326. We offer convenient hours, including some evenings, and we accept all insurances.  For an appointment in East Greenwich, call 401 471-6760.  For an appointment in Wakefield, call 401 789-8543

Meet Our Staff

Good Health Begins with Knowledge

The staff of South County Primary Care—Family & Internal Medicine encourages you to attend the free health care lectures the Hospital offers monthly. Stay informed about the latest advances in disease prevention, management, and treatment. Also, take advantage of the Hospital’s online health library. And remember to sign up for e-Health News, our free newsletter that brings health news to your e-mailbox monthly, and Your Health Matters, a three-times-a-year newsletter delivered to your mailbox.

Find A Doctor

For a complete list of PCPs on the staff at South County Hospital please visit the Find A Doctor section of this website.