South County Hospital

The Center for Women & Newborn Care Unit

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South County Hospital's Center for Women & Newborn Care Unit is the hub of our maternity services. Here you'll find the highest quality maternity care in a home-like environment. Our Rhode Island maternity services begin with childbirth education classes and extend through labor and delivery to support you in those exciting first days of new parenthood. Just see what we have to offer:

The Women's WingChildbirth Education--now online, too!: Our comprehensive program of childbirth education classes is designed to meet your needs as they evolve through the course of your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

Private Suites: South County Hospital understands that the birth of your child is an experience like no other and so we've created private labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum suites for your stay with us.

Baby-Friendly™ Lactation Services: We offer you a full range of lactation services, including consultation with certified lactation consultants, classes, and a 24-hour "Warm Line" to answer your questions at any hour of the day or night. Our Maternity Services were the first of their kind in Rhode Island to receive the prestigious Baby-Friendly™ designation from the World Health Organization for the promotion and support of breast-feeding. Hospitals awarded this designation have been assessed by independent, trained evaluators who have determined all hospital practices meet the rigorous Baby-Friendly™ standards.

Expecting a Baby?

To see our full array of childbirth education-, breastfeeding-, and prenatal and postpartum exercise services, check out our childbirth education program.